Developed with health practitioners, for health practitioners.

Manage your schedule

Manage multiple locations, see multiple practitioners on the same screen and colour code your appointment types.

Online booking

Allow patients to book online in a few clicks, by including Heydoc’s online booking tool. It is as simple as adding one line of code onto your website and is fully integrated into the calendar tool.

Medical history at a glance

See your patient's medical data automatically summarised from your consultation notes. Only display what is most relevant to you.

Structure your medical records

Write consultation notes with our flexible tool, built with the world's largest database for clinical terms. Notes are structured and searchable.

Write prescriptions

Generate acute and repeat prescriptions in one click. Track your patient's intake of repeat medication.

Manage lab tests

Request lab tests and get results posted directly in your patient's file. Easily share your findings with your patients in one click.

Create invoices and take payments

Issue invoices to patients or a third party in one click and easily keep track of outstanding payments. Take payment directly from the system.

Consultation templates

Create as many consultation templates as you wish. Consultation notes are then automatically saved in a beautiful and structured format, making sharing of notes fast and easy.

Letter templates

Generate letters within seconds with the letter template tool. Set up your letter templates to minimise the amount of typing. It even automatically includes your electronic signature.

Video consultation

Remotely see patients thanks to our fully embedded video consultation feature. You can navigate through Heydoc, taking notes, while seeing your patient on your screen.


Heydoc integrates with Stripe to allow payment taking and Xero to export invoices and payments into the leading cloud-based accounting system.

Track your performance

Keep track of your performance and analyse results by practitioner, location and more.